A couple of weeks back we talked about being lost without a map, meaning that you need a plan laid out for you to achieve the things you want to out life.

Some found step one: We don’t really know what we want really hard to figure out and get down on paper.

Let’s look at it a different way and really drill into how to see your future and get clarity of what you can achieve.

One: Understand where you are right now

What is your current situation? Like with any mission you need to understand what your starting point is. This will become more important soon.

Two: One year from now (looking back)

This is where some start to struggle. Think about it this way if it was one year from today and you were looking back over the year, and you had the best year of your life, what would of you have accomplished?

Think about all of the possibilities and set something that you can’t achieve without putting in some effort and becoming better than you currently are that way you will have to become a better version of yourself, by pushing yourself to get outside of your comfort zones in order to achieve.

Now write those accomplishments into goals.

Three: Why are these goals/ accomplishments so important?

Drill deeper into each goal and get an understanding of why it is so important to achieve these things. This is where you take it from your head and think about it with your heart, or taking it from logical to emotional.

Four: Why capabilities do you need to achieve these goals?

Your best thinking and capabilities got you to this point, so what do you need to level up to  achieve these new goals. How exactly are you going to get there.

Get all this down on paper and start looking at where you need to start so you can live your  best year yet.

This will still take some work, but using this format will help you get really clear and make it a little bit easier.


“You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for.”

– Ted Turner

So are you ready to have your best year yet?

Stay Ready

Kris Mac