Pretty much nothing!

So why do we waste so much time focusing on things that we have no control over?

Yeah sure I know what you are saying “Kris, don’t you think I know that, can you actually tell me something useful!”

Ok, well just here me out just for the next few minutes and I  agree if you don’t like what I am saying you can go back to watching reruns of Game of Thrones.

We only have a set amount of energy to use up every day and we use this on many different things such as making decisions, worrying and stressing about situations (most of which are just in our heads, but that is a different story) taking action to achieve our goals and of course our daily lives kids, work our better half.

So when we are trying to make progress and achieve the amazing things we have planned for our lives, what happens?

Usually we are to tired and have run out of steam before we can get to them, now we could get up early and use the time we are at our best to do the work that will actually take us closer to our goals. You can see more on that here.

If it is way too much at this early stage of your journey to success to be looking at get up that early then you need to protect your energy!!

It is not going to help if we are so wrapped up in all of the things we cannot control, say I was looking at running a fitness class for 100 people outside and then closer to the time it is raining everyday and it has been forecast for storms on the day. There is no point in wasting all of my energy on thinking what if it rains, will i have to call it off, what will people think of me if I do call it off, what will people think of me if I don’t call it off, what if no one shows up, what if someone gets a cold if it’s raining.

All this worrying good for absolutely nothing, but you can take control of the situation and do the things that you can control, I could of booked an alternate venue, sent a message to make sure people bring a raincoat. Whatever the decision you make, just make it and then own it because otherwise you will just be a burnt out mess.

So when you feel yourself really starting to get overwhelmed in a situation just ask yourself:

“What can I do to take control of this situation?”

If there is nothing that you can do then get to be comfortable with that and don’t beat yourself up, if there is something you can do to take the stress off, then do it and own it!

Keep doing great things team and remember don’t sweat it if you can not control it!