When we spoke about a blessing and a curse, we spoke of our behaviours and situations. We never spoke about something even more powerful, something that can be an even bigger blessing or a curse.

Our beliefs.

What we believe to be true can lift us up every day and enable us to do our best work and have the most amazing experiences, or what we believe to be true can have the opposite effect and drag us down like a lead balloon every single day providing us with terrible experiences and putting us deeper into the dark place this belief came from.

Be aware of our beliefs. Once we are aware of them we can see that this belief is just a thought that we believe to be true.

Let’s think about that, just a thought that we believe to be true, so the beliefs we have are perceptions of how we have been programmed to see the world.

So are we happy with our program? Or are we ready to change it?

There are negative and positive powers of our beliefs that can be seen in many examples that take place in life.

Consider the following:

Think about the Titanic. When it launched, people believed it was unsinkable. Because of this belief, the ship was not equipped with enough life boats. When the supposedly unsinkable ship did sink, more than 1,500 people lost their lives. Many of these people could have been saved if enough lifeboats had been at hand.

Think about newspapers, bookstores, or film company Polaroid and the video rental company Blockbuster all have in common? At one point, they all believed that their products were safe from the rivals that were beginning to emerge: Online news media, online bookstores, online photo sharing platforms – as well as digital cameras – and online video streaming.

For a while, they all made plans based on this belief – a belief that reality proved false many times over in subsequent years.

Perhaps these industries and companies could have got a head start and secured themselves better if they’d opened their minds sooner.

Being open to new beliefs does not mean we are giving up on who we are as a human, we are just allowing ourselves to be fluid and open to new internal scripts that drive our behaviour. 

When we can understand this then we can view every situation in very different ways.

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”

― Mark Twain

So are you carrying around old beliefs that feel like lead balloons?

Are your beliefs helping or hindering you?

Stay Ready,

Kris Mac