This is just one of many excuses that you tell yourselves to let yourself of the hook.

What you are actually saying is “I am just not ready to do that as it is not really a priority for me at this present time…and it sounds like a lot of work…which I am also not ready for” and that is fine if you told it to yourself like that, but if you keep telling yourself lies like “I just don’t have the willpower to do that” then you are going to start believing your own bullshit.

It is reported that we all only have a finite amount of willpower available daily and how we chose to burn it can determine how successful we are in the life we chose to live, because when we wake up in the morning we have a refreshed stash of willpower ready to do with it what we please.


As soon as we open our eyes we start burning it up with every decision we need to make the needs our precious willpower, for example first choice do I get up now that my alarm is going off or do I just hit snooze and get another 10 minutes of broken sleep (trust me, get out of bed) then should I have that spinach and mushroom omelette for breakfast or just a coffee and some toast, should I go to the gym or just miss it today (side note go to the gym) now all of these may seem like really nebulous little decisions but if we have 5 of these before we have even walked out the door to work then how are we ever going to stop ourselves picking up takeaways on the way home from work because we just do not have the willpower left after a day full of these decisions to go home and cook a 3 course paleo meal.

This will affect our day, which if we let it will affect our week, then the month and then the year and if left to its own devices will affect our lifetime (sounds extreme doesn’t it, guess what? It isn’t!)

What can you do to fix this? great question and here is my fix for you:

Sort out successful routine(s)

This may seem boring, sure I understand that but why waste precious willpower (that we know we don’t have much over at the end of the day) and boring things like what to have for breakfast, or if we should go to the gym. These are all boring choices anyway and deep down you know you need to do them to be successful. So make these routine and you will 10x your performance throughout the day.

Create rock solid habits

When you create rock solid habits then you eliminate the need for willpower to get us through it, which in turn means that we have more left for real high priority life changing decisions throughout the day. Your routines and your habits will be closely aligned and will become automated for your body and your mind.

Once you have got your routines and habits sorted you will never have to lie to yourself again about not having the willpower to do something because your mindset would have shifted as your become a master of your day.

Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results

Being able to plan your routines and converting your most done tasks and actions into rock solid habits will free up enough willpower so that you are able to prioritise the more significant decisions that may have felt too challenging or overwhelming in the past to even contemplate.

So go ahead and start figuring out your routines and what habits you are going to stat creating and eliminate “I just don’t have the willpower for that” out of your vocabulary so you can crush the things that really matter to you.