I hope that our last email has opened your eyes to a different way at looking making change and how we can use Consistency over Intensity to lock in truly successful habits in order to achieve even our most audacious goals.

This can be pretty daunting, especially if we are trying to achieve something that is challenging us to step outside our comfort zone.

That is why we can use the Domino Effect.

When setting our goals, we want to visualize a set of dominoes. If we lined up a set of domino’s, the momentum of each domino falling can knock over another domino, even one that is 50% bigger. This ”domino effect” compounds very quickly, so much so that if positioned correctly, it would only take 29 domino’s to knock down the Empire State building.

Think about how audacious that is, for a domino not much more than 5 cm tall to knock over the Empire State Building. So imagine what we could achieve if we took this principle and added it to our goal setting, what could we achieve if we were audacious enough to think bigger, what could we achieve if we actually took small consistent action towards something that we truly wanted.

We tend to just set our goals and then just attack them in a random fashion, which can prove to be frustrating, especially if we don’t know how close we are to achieving these goals. Some of us just set these goals and do nothing towards them. We tell ourselves this is because we are lazy or no good at this stuff, or some other lame excuse.

If we use the domino effect to understand exactly how we are going to achieve our goals then it becomes so much easier to attack them.

Another mistake we can make is not knowing the order to line up our “dominoes” and we knock out one of the middle ones first, this will kill our momentum when we try and start back at the beginning.

So, how do we use this to get the best results. Using the Domino Effect

  1. Understand what goal we are trying to achieve.
  2. Write down every action you need to take to achieve the goal
  3. Line up the dominoes (list actions in the order they need to be achieved to keep momentum)
  4. START
  5. Keep our eyes on the domino directly in front of us (stop looking at the end)
  6. Stay consistent

Now we all know setting up dominoes can be frustrating!

Sometimes we put them too far apart, sometimes we know them over before we have finished setting them up, sometimes they just don’t fall over!

We can either throw our dominoes away and quit or we can reset them and go again until we nail it. The choice is ours and only one of these ways leads us to the things we truly want.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
– Francis of Assisi

Are you ready to do the “impossible”?

Stay Ready,

Kris Mac