We all have an idea about where we want to be, even if it really isn’t to clear yet or maybe we just know we don’t like where we are right now. So we try to make some changes because we know that we need to do something different to get somewhere different (if you didn’t know that, take note and use it!) but that is tough, right?

You start trying to make big changes and do amazing things and then you hit a wall, something happens to throw you off your game, a roadblock! These happen a lot we know that and it is ok to hit a roadblock, but what happens next will determine how you will live the rest of you life, and I want you to live the life you want to for you and your loved ones.

When you run into roadblocks, which of the following do you do?

  1. Do you turn around and find a new direction?
  2. Do you just sit down and wait for it to move?
  3. Do you climb right up over it?
  4. Do you run straight through it?

Well I know that the majority of you will of picked either 1 or 2!

What you need to be doing is 3 and 4 finding a way through or a different way, don’t just throw it away at the first sign of something standing in your way.

How many times have you not followed through with something just because something you thought was immovable got in your way or that there was something out of your skill level or understanding so you just threw up the white surrender flag and walked away.

That’s BULLSHIT! So don’t do it again, ok?

Your sitting there telling me that is easier said than done Kris, it’s easy for you to say. Sure it is easy to say, but it is simple to do as well if you just do this one thing daily…

Sharpen your saw.

Something that I decided to do daily is read for at least 10 mins a day most of the time I read for about 30 mins but if I have other priorities that day as long as I read for 10 mins i am satisfied.

That is one way I sharpen my saw daily.

Funny enough I got the habit of sharpening my saw from reading a book:
7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Where Covey talks about Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

As you renew yourself in each of the four areas, you create growth and change in your life. Sharpen the Saw keeps you fresh so you can continue to practice the other six habits. You increase your capacity to produce and handle the challenges around you. Without this renewal, the body becomes weak, the mind mechanical, the emotions raw, the spirit insensitive, and the person selfish. Not a pretty picture, is it?

For me there is a number of things I do to “keep my saw sharp” but the reason I do it is because if gives me a variety of options and solutions for whenever I come across a roadblock, because I guarantee if you come across it someone has more than likely been there before, and why not use there skills and experience to help you smash straight through that roadblock and continue to make change and crush your goals.

So take the opportunity now to give yourself the chance to grow and be ok with change, the quicker you can become ok with not having all of the answers and look in places like books and inside minds of the greats for the answers, your roadblocks will start to shudder as you approach them at a great rate of knots with the belief that they can no longer hold you back.

Get out there and smash it team, can’t wait to hear more great experiences.