I have had many, many amazing ideas. How many have I actually followed through with very few!

An idea is only as good as its execution, and execution is the missing element for most of us. We have lots and lots of thoughts running through our heads on a daily, some of them are negative and some positive, some are ideas and some are beliefs, but they are all just thoughts.

When we have all of these thoughts life becomes very overwhelming, mainly because we take a lot of our thoughts as “actual”, but out of all of your negative thoughts how many actually materialise into actual events. Hardly any I know, so why would we think that our positive thoughts, our ideas and plans are any different most of them stay as thoughts non-tangible, not going anywhere or doing any good thoughts.

Until that is we take action with them, understand what and how to take the first step to crushing it and then become relentless in making sure we achieve success.

When we have a positive thought something that can help us, follow the following steps and see just how amazing your Battle Ready life can be.

Step 1: Get it down

Write our thoughts down, this starts to make the thought a reality, when we write it down it gives us clarity of exactly what it is we are working with. Having the idea down on paper also kick-starts the accountability process by seeing exactly what it is we wish to achieve.

Step 2: First step

It is very tough to see how an entire process to achieve your objective looks like, but it will only become a solid objective once we understand what the very first step is. The idea will stay an idea until we know what the first step is going to be.

Step 3: Take relentless action

If we want it, then go and get it. No one is going to hand it to us on a silver platter are they? When we are clear and focused on the objective we have created and we understand why exactly we want it so bad, then it will become ours.

Get these thoughts down on paper don’t judge them just get them down, if a negative thought slips through that’s ok, just acknowledge it as a negative thought and move on to what thoughts you have down that will grow you or someone around you and understand how it will inspire you or those around you.
Go ahead and crush it.