Bulletproof steps to get you out of bed earlier.

I hated getting out of bed early! I used to have this perfect story inside my head that I would replay over and over to myself, all about how “I’m just not a morning person” or “I work so much better at night”.

But I found out that I was straight up lying to myself, we have lots of these little internal lies that we tell ourselves. I bet you can think of right now, we have so much going on in our heads most of the time it is no wonder that 80% of it is negative things we tell ourselves that hasn’t even happened yet or may actually never happen.

When I decided to change this internal dialogue about my mornings, I knew that I would need to have it sorted so that I had no excuses when I got up.

Here’s the 3 steps that I took to become a morning person:

1. Be organised

When you get up early it is very easy to make excuses, the 5am you quite often will trick the 10pm you. So when you told yourself the night before “Right I am getting up at 5am tomorrow, I can do this!” But, when the alarm starts shrieking at 0500 and you are snuggled deep in the embrace of your goose feather duvet, things go pear shaped!

You hit snooze and rolled over didn’t you, not once, not twice, but 6 times now I am not the flashest when it comes to math but if you hit snooze 6 times and every time is 10mins, then 6 x 10 = 60minutes and 60 minutes = 1 hour! So by just hitting the snooze button 6 times you have wasted an hour of your morning, because it isn’t good sleep you are getting when you roll back over for 10 minutes.

It all starts the night before, as we used to say in the Army “Have your sh*t squared away!”

Make sure you before you go to bed you have your gym bag ready or your clothes laid out, I even make my smoothie for breakfast the night before. Everything you can do the night before stops you being to overwhelmed when you go to get up.

No what you are doing when you get up are you working or are you working out? If you know what you have got to do when you get up then you are going to stop with the excuses.

2. Start with little habits

It’s the little things that count,  and when you are trying to drag your tired self out of bed into the chilly start to the day you need to have the little things sorted.

I know how it goes you get up fluff around thinking what do I do now? or what should have for breakfast? should I have something now or when I am back from the gym? should I even go to the gym this morning?

Start your habits slowly, just one small habit at a time and then add a new one once you are getting some points on the board it will all start falling into place.

Take your perfect morning routine and write it down, now start at the top and make this the first habit to start once you have it sorted move to number 2 then do them both, and then keep going through your list.

Here is the gist of my morning routine:

  • 0445 Wake up
  • Get into workout gear
  • Drink 2 glasses of lemon water
  • Drink green smoothie
  • 10 Minutes of Mindfulness
  • Quick win work
  • 0545 Leave for gym
  • 0600 Workout
  • 0710 Home
  • Wake up family
  • Breakfast
  • Shower
  • Pack lunches (Prepped night before)
  • Drop kids off/ Work

All of these things are now a habit, the best thing is I don’t even have to think about most of it because it is autopilot. This saves my decision making energy for later in the day when I need it the most.

Your decision making energy is limited so the more you are in autopilot for basic everyday stuff the more you have left when it comes to big decisions.

3. Know why you actually want to be up early!

It’s all very well getting up early but if you are just getting up early so you can tell people you are a morning person it isn’t going to last long.

So make sure when you are reaching for your violently vibrating phone to hit the snooze button that you remember why you need this time and be sure about what you are actually going to do with it, don’t waste it or you may as well just waste it tucked up warm in bed.