When I decided to start my very first Fitness Company it was scary as shit! I had no idea what I was actually going to do or where the hell I should even start. But hey I bit the bullet left my safety blanket of the Army and dove right in, sure it didn’t go as planned (umm…because I didn’t have one haha) but I survived, no one was seriously harmed because I didn’t know where the hell my business was going and I’m still here, there was no apocalypse!

Goals to make our lives absolutely amazing are usually very daunting, as I said scary as shit. When you have the idea and understand what it is you truly want to achieve then you will get a little nervous or a lot nervous depending how much you have built it up in your mind.

So we then just sit back down and let it slide by and get back to the daily grind, and why? Because of “The Fear”. Well here today and every day we are going to say f#*k the fear, I’m not saying be crazy and just drop everything and go all in, but if you want to and it means that much to you I would say that.

We only need one thing to move forward, “The First Step” that’s it. The First Step is just enough to make sure we are taking action it has moved from being just a thought, just an idea and it has become that one step closer to a reality. The thing about The First Step is it just a small step in the right direction if we start to shit bricks and get the wobbles then that’s ok, but we have taken action we have moved that little bit closer to the life we want to have.

That is why the first step is so important in any goal because if you don’t know what that first step is then it is always going to remain a thought.

So think about what is really holding you back from doing the things you want to do?

Is it just the fact that you are scared of what others will say or worse not say if you fail! Well what other people think is none of your business.

If you put the best you could put in and still came up short then so be it, tomorrow will be another day, the fact that you gave it a shot shows the type of person you are.

So right now decide what it is you are going to do despite of the fear, it will still be there and may never leave but you take the challenge head on any way.

Can’t wait to hear the success you have had by looking fear in the face and forging on anyway.

Take action team!