We all want to help other people out, we all want to fix other people’s problems and we all want to be there for the ones we love.

What most of us don’t realise is that we are doing those people a disservice.

Most of us have not done the work on ourselves in order to gives others our very best.

Think about it if we are only operating at 80% of our potential then we can only give a part of that 80% rather than giving our very best to others.

This is when we start suffering and never fix the things we need to in order for us to be at 100%

We believe that it is selfish to look after ourselves, selfish to put our needs above our children, our family or our friends, but without that self-care we cannot maintain the help or support those people need from us.

This is where our resilience comes from, by  being able to fill our cup first. When our cup is overflowing and we have our life at a point where we can give without expectation and we do not ever become resentful to those we are helping. If we are suffering then we tend to blame those we feel like we are giving our time and energy to.

I heard a quote once that went “If we give to someone that is taking what we do not have enough of to give, then we are making that person a thief.”

How can we ensure that our cup is full?

Here are 5 ways to fill your cup:

  1. Take time for you – schedule time just for you and do something that recharges your batteries.
  2. Look after your body – More movement, less sugar, breath more, get outside.
  3. Look after your mind – Read more, learn something new, be aware of what you absorb from the world.
  4. Catch up with friends – Be with people that bring you up, just be aware of those that drain you too.
  5. Do something you love – find things that make you smile and do them more.

When we are taking care of ourselves and not making excuses like not having time or too tired.

Let’s look out for each other and make sure we are all being a little bit selfish, that way we can all start giving a lot more without any resentment.  

“Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place.”


So are you taking care of you first?

Remember what they say when you fly “please fit your oxygen mask first, before you help others.”

Stay Ready,

Kris Mac