Following on from our last email about how to reflect, acknowledge and plan, I thought it would be ideal to talk about how to use consistency over intensity when we are making change.

When we make any kind of change or try to do something new we tend to do it with all of our energy and we put everything we can into it (at least for the beginning), which is great but this is where it can start to get tricky.

Intensity is the superpower we need to get us going with change, we can use that intensity to push us out of our comfort zone and get us started.


Intensity has a dark side, we tend to bite off too much when we are starting out and we usually cannot sustain the huge amount of change so we retire back into our comfort zone and find an excuse for why we cannot do it.

So although intensity is amazing for getting us started with an oomph it can hurt us in the long term. This is where we want our consistency to take over.

Consistency is what we do over a long period of time, even when we are not seeing dramatic results. This is how we embed new habits and changes that we want to help us out.

This is why consistency and intensity should be used together, but to make truly life changing habits and change stick, we need to dial down the intensity and ramp up the consistency.

Remember success is the sum of your small efforts repeated day in and day out.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”
― Jim Rohn

Stay Ready,

Kris Mac