I  have been training people for well over a quarter of my life and I have heard so many different excuses and  seen so many different people struggle just to get going with there fitness.

Have you ever felt like it is all just to overwhelming to even think about starting with fitness?

There are so many options of what is the best thing is to get fit and it doesn’t help with how many people are over quick fix training programmes.

Bout 4 months ago was my first day back training in 3 weeks after I competed in the Mule Obstacle Race in Queenstown, New Zealand, I was a little battered and bruised from that and was keen to get my body ironed out with rest and recovery. Getting back into it was hard and I thought imagine how people must feel getting back into fitness after years of doing nothing! Stuff that!

Fitness is so important to your lifestyle and it doesn’t matter what it is you are doing as long as you have physical activity in your life. I can’t actually think of my life with out fitness and I guarantee once it becomes a regular part of your lifestyle you won’t be able to imagine it without either.

So how do you do it? How do you get going with fitness and start training towards a better lifestyle in all areas?

Here’s  how you do it:

The toughest thing is taking the first step to start training and it is too easy to make that the barrier, so here is how to get back into it.

  1. Don’t wait till Monday – If you keep putting it off till Monday there is always something else that takes priority, so when you say to yourself I am going to start next Monday at that very second get your ass up and do something!
  2. Do something you enjoy – If you don’t like throwing steel around in a gym, or throwing down in a box, then go for a run, do a bodyweight workout at home. Any exercise is better than sitting on your ass.
  3. Do your Battle Prep – Get your training gear ready, lay it out, get your drink bottle, your towel, get your whole bloody training bag sorted the night before, because at 0500 when it is cold outside you don’t need one more excuse to stay in bed!
  4. Be ready – Make sure you know what you are doing when you get there. If you are going for a run know where you are running to, if you are doing weights know what your workout is because it will be another thing that will throw you off and deflate you.
  5. Keep Going – Keep up that habit you will get better and better and you will start feeling more confident to try new workouts or different types of training (there are sooo many out there) You will get sore and you will get tired but if you keep going and push through the tough times you will get the results you earn!

I promise you this, right now getting off your ass and doing something is going to get you way closer to where you want to be rather than putting it off and taking the easy way out and making plans to start next Monday. Go get at it and smash that next workout.